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These are total must-have hairs for your cc folder (and it's all maxis match, free, & diverse!) This list cannot be without these dazzling nails! I really appreciate. In total, youll get 12 pieces of maxis match custom content for your cc folder with this download. The white sleeves are designed in a puffed pattern, giving the character a formal and chic look. Everything is maxis match cc (or blends well with the game) and almost all of it is free to download. )}, {RELATED POST: The Best Sims 4 Wedding CC (Perfect for My Wedding Stories Gameplay)}, {RELATED POST: 17+ Essential Sims 4 Toddler Mods for Realistic Family Gameplay}. This heads into the opposite direction of the masks weve covered so far in that Sicily skin has more texture than default TS4 skin! Heres your download link. You get some mushroom earrings, a corset dress, a headscarf (a pretty cool one), hats, a and short layered dress among many different items. As for this collection, there are three different versions of custom beards for your sims. Theres always a spot in your Mods folder for long, wavy hair. More often than not, we get stuck in a rut of basic and safe outfits that are not new or exciting. 148dazed. Filename Downloads Added Last Downloaded; Maxis Match Hair CC Pack 8764: Sept. 29, 2019, 4 p.m. March 2, 2023, 2:51 p.m. Tattoo Pack 11774: Oct. 17 . Male Hairstyles Maxis Match. 1642585152. This fan made custom contest pack of office items has everything you could ask for to make a dedicated workspace in your sims home. The download has 32 pieces of furniture that cover pretty much any office cc you could need and or want, including a desk and chair for your sim kids. Like other game altering mods, these package files should only be directly in your mods folder, or ONE folder deep. This sims 4 furniture cc pack is described as Japanese-Scandi fusion. These low-button shirts have always been a favorite of mine. A collection of pretty items, both functional and decorative. Heres your download link. These eyes definitely live up to their name. MUST HAVE MODS 2023 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Enjoy! Let them show off a bit with the items in this pack! This means you can, in theory, combine eleven moles at once. Not only do you get glamorous outfits but also some statement accessories. Poured concrete furniture has always been intriguing to me. hellooo just updated the artistic set from last year with better textures and mesh :D. you can download it for free from the original post here !! This kids cc pack has 8 different clothing items that have been converted to fit a slightly smaller frame. Tons of ravishing colors, clashing patterns, a mix of layers and accessories, theres absolutely nothing to hate or alter in this collection. Your email address will not be published. Introducing a living room cc set with 39 new items, including modular cabinets and shelves. Do you want anything but the norm adorning your living space? I prefer to right click my sims 4 desktop shortcut and go to open file location to get There are a total of 22 items that will give your sims a fresh style. And I especially love when the longer ones are interspersed with stubbier clumps. And yes, you dont need any special game packs to download these, theyre 100% BGC! Whether youre cluttering up a garage, filling out your workshop, or just enjoy having visible utilities, this fan made cc pack has you covered. Your ice never melts! Each item is designed to match its counterparts as well as other items in the pack for a cohesive look. If theres one thing your females cant live without, its makeup. Downloading and installing CC for Sims 4 is generally safe. Read on SnootySims: Sims 4 Sofa Bed CC That Will Complement Your House! Please, someone find me a house with windows like these and Ill buy it. Now that your cc folder is FILLED to the top with amazing custom content clothes, find more of the best sims 4 cc finds in my entire category of cc posts or on Tumblr! Crypticsim really said inclusivity, luv! with this lipstick set. The Cozy Setup Collection by Caio has 19 wooden buy objects for us. !MusicProduction Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.comWant to become a partner, click here Specs- MORE in the \"About\" sectionProcessorIntel Core i9-9900KFMemory 64 GB [16 GB x4] DDR4-3200Video CardNVIDIA RTX 2070 SUPER**Social Media**Sims 4 Gallery: DeeSims2Patreon: Twitter: 21+ Best Sims 4 CC Shoes to Add to Your CC Folder: Sneakers, Vans, Heels, Birkenstocks, & More! After all, it is a sanctuary that is seen by few making it a safe, comforting place. Included are jerseys, jackets, denim skirts with cute details, and many more items! I feel like weve only see these type of outfits in malls (yes, little Lina talking here). And if you dont have time to design your own, there is an option for that too. All of the items in this pack will let you make the most of brutalism in your design ventures. All of my hairs are now updated to have the new 6 maxis swatches and are correctly tagged for genetics. Right off the bat, an awesome collection of hairstyles with a single click! The hair is shiny and looking as healthy as it must be! There are 4 items included and each comes in a couple of neutral swatches. This is a 2 part collection: the original custom content pack and an add ons pack. Theres always more CC to have a look at. If you feel up to adding all 41 hairstyles in this set to your library, I highly support that decision. Hey Guys, Welcome back to my channel Only download one type, merged or unmerged, not both!Love you guys!! Along with the furniture, you get some decor to help keep with the funky theme. Want to save this list? Now your Sims can walk down the aisle in style! As a big fan of layered necklaces, I had to include this. Whether youre living out your y2k dreams or just happen to have made it pretty far in the decades challenge, this two-part collection will have something for you. The Most Iconic Sims 4 Y2K CC You Can Find! I dont use them a lot since I prefer lip masks and glosses, but they always look great matched with the other items in this set. So if you're trying cosmetic Sims 4 CC for the first time, I recommend downloading this pack as an easy one-stop-shop for high-quality . The custom content with the download is pretty extensive including 9 functional objects, 11 basic objects, 2 walls, and 8 new clothes (3 masculine, 3 feminine, 2 child). The back of this dress is super nice! With probably tens of thousands of CC CAS items out there, Ive curated a small portion of it here, focusing on Maxis match designs. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This is a custom hairstyle that I see being used almost everywhere. And speaking of cutest noses, this nose preset by vibrantpixels can help you achieve a charming button nose for your Sim. Especially if you want to dress your young adults and looking for something (or things) to fit with their age, this is your set. The textures that are used are so clean and truly show the attention to detail that went into creating this lovely pack. We dont really have that many options on the internet but these were so cool, especially since they work on Sims from teen to elder! Here we introduce one of the best Sims 4 CC packs for your toddler Sims: FREJA NURSERY! Create this folder with me!MASTER LIST OF CC FREE FOR EVERYONE an Alpha Verison??? Fun content on everything pop culture. 1674932528. Colour Talk Kitchen. Like Pao, it has a softer, gentler texture that gives Sims a more animated 3D-render look (think the graphics in video games like Final Fantasy XIII) than a semi-realistic, semi-cartoony vibe. . Everything is base game compatible and comes in at least 18 swatches each. Next up is only the cutest backpack weve seen in all of 2022! With over 16 original swatches (absolutely stunning ones, by the way), both your male and female Sims will have a good time wearing them! Make sure youre prepared with this cold weather cc to keep your sims snuggly, warm, and stylish. {RELATED POST: 21+ Best Sims 4 CC Shoes to Add to Your CC Folder: Sneakers, Vans, Heels, Birkenstocks, & More! The collection has a lot of really great items that are sure to give your sim a unique look. Is a normal lounger or chair just not in the cards for you? A collection of pretty items, both functional and decorative. There are an astonishing 52 clothes and hair cc items included in the Love Affair kit. We tried all kinds of lashes on our Sims and nothing ever looked as good as these! They also have a lot of color options: 54 brand new shades to play with, including 18 heterochromia variations in EA colors. What footwear is your sim looking for today? This Sims 4 custom content clothing set is so much fun! If theres anything we blindly recommend on this list, it has to be this one. Myshunosun, a custom content creator we all love for all the right reasons! A simple desk and chair will leave you wanting more, so you can feel inspired as you study or work. Is it time for the not-so-berry challenge yet? 3. Mask Up! Even a custom vintage computer is included!! Really great way to add character to your Sims look! Find the cc here. We love everything in this set but the two-color pants though are fire. These 4 shoes, including sandals, boots, and pumps, come in between 18 and 25 swatches to choose from. A great choice if youre into shorter hairstyles. As you might already know, there are different types of CC available, each with its own unique purpose and user experience. That being said, there is a real need for some more good child clothes, and what better place to look than at making adult clothes that fit children? What can I sayI love a simple, easy look! . This kit is a beautiful combination of earthy tones and a pop of purple. Have a closer glance at it on this page. This is actually a set that contains a custom skinblend (Pao) and full-body blush options (Torrada). Check them out here. You can download the default version for them but youre also given the chance to get them in non-defaults too. I could see these hanging around for a very long time because of how comfy they look. The gowns could be styled with a silver color design high heels. These classics can easily be paired together or with other clothing items to make for the perfect outfit. Its never a bad time to start working out and getting in shape. It creates a mesmerizing look thats both subtle yet so distinct. Okay, were finally down to one my all absolute favorites on this list, the Unify Collection by Nucrests. The colors are all neutral hues so you wont have to worry about coordinating your specific colors with other colors in your game. Theres so much to admire about it. To easily find and use the items of this set in-game, just type in BAYSIC in your buy/build catalogue. The ability to create unique-looking avatars has massively improved with each iteration. Check them out yourself! The next kitchen you need in your sims 4 furniture cc folder is the colour talk kitchen. You could always get more custom scarves for the Sims 4. sims 4 sims 4 cc sims 4 hair sims 4 maxis cc sims 4 maxis match sims 4 custom content s4mm hair s4mm. If youre getting yourself the previous collection, this one is a must-have for sure. And please allow me to draw your attention to the cute moles that are part of these packs! With such cozy patterns and colors, you get 4 hair packs, 3 cute blouses, a turtleneck, a skirt, jeans, 2 necklaces, and last but not least a pair of earrings. Heres yet another pack by Jius for an awesome collection of footwear CC packs. Theres actually a hotel mod that you could download for the Sims 4, learn all about it here! This download has 4 pairs of cc heels that come in anywhere from 3-25 swatches. Between the two youve got 61 pieces of cc and nearly 1,300 swatch options to choose from. There is something in this cc shoe pack for every occasion, from a fancy night out to blazing down the streets in flame boots. Make a statement while taking charge of every situation with these stylish, authoritative ensembles. . hi! The first one is a normal beard that will seem realistic and also fits most faces. I like the slight hint of highlight on the cupids bow, too. This shoulder-length bob with its side-swept & slightly messy edges looks really cool. Solistice Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack by greenllamas. But hey, youre also getting that rug in the thumbnail above, the coffee table, and end table. Electronic Arts wallpapers could never compete with these. Heres a collection of footwear CC for your sims. Lavatory, washroom, water closet, restroom, toilet, bathroom. For those special occasions, youll need something truly breathtaking. Plus I love that it works for all genders. We have compiled a special list of custom eyebrows here! Heres your download link. And we cant even begin to name the amazing ton of Sims 4 CC creators that always bring forth new content to us. For a bigger variety of Korean hair CC packs, visit this page. This collection also includes some cc jewelry andpiercingswhich is great! Its stylish and comfortable, just like the winter season. Youll receive 37 new items with this download in the 16 original swatches from Dream Home Decorator (which is honestly one of the best sims packs for build & buy!). Just like with their male counterpart (find at #13 on this male cc post! Heres your download link. Theres literally nothing that we cannot live through and experience, thanks to the awesome CC creators out there. Sydney Summer Sims 4 Top by oakiyo. Heres an overly cute set by Valerie Song for your female Sims. This custom content pack is exactly what I picture when I imagine a nice formal meal somewhere in the south. Ive compiled a list of my absolute favorite custom content clothes to use when creating sims in CAS. Plus, all of the items have been converted from child to adult sim age. Enjoy!Unmerged Zip FileHair. Theyll definitely want to look the part with this preppy cc clothing collection. The dress is meant to compliment Simss body and hugs it with its soft wool fabric. As shown in the thumbnail above, youre to get a hanging chair, beds, dressers, suitcases, rugs, and a few more items in a bunch of swatches! The Sims 4 mods folder is located at: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. Is Sentate one of your favorite CC creators yet? Heres your download link. You will need Get to Work for some of the items to work, as they are recolors of existing items. Maxis Match CC World Retweeted. - Donate on Paypal - It gives you an opportunity to experiment with different color combinations as well as textures to create something completely original. Para fazer download do pack muito simples,apenas acesse os links abaixo,passe pelo encurtador e instale todos os arquivos,todos mesmo,para nenhum arquivo ficar em falta no seu jogo,depois disso s colar na pasta mods e se divertir!caso queiram um tutorial mais explicado,o vdeo possui em seu final,e tambm possui um . Theres no TV, what do we aim all of the furniture at?. ha. These 3D lashes are a must-have! This collection contains a bunch of clothing items including tees, caps, hoodie, pants and boxers. Required fields are marked *, document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3927535eb5e4f383c44b6cdb5dce740" );document.getElementById("b8a9fb265f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" );Comment *. All 4 of the cc decor feels very classy and would be right at home in just about any interior. Its all maxis match with a lot of color and pattern options to choose from. They merged all their older cc into one patreon post & file. This garden, kitchen, and cleaning cc pack is a great combination of debug items and new, custom content items. The thumbnail itself gets me very excited to launch my game and dive right into CAS. Yep, this makeup set lives up to its name. If youre looking for some cute accessories/clutter for your house, you shouldnt miss out on this pack by Hydrangea. The Ultimate List of Sims 4 Y2K CC (Live Out Your Early 2000s Fashion Fantasies). Heres your download link. You can find them under Earrings in CAS. If you think so too of these 5 items, just do your Sims a favor and grab them already. Seguem abaixo os links,baixem todos os arquivos,se no podero faltar arquivos no seu jogo! You seriously need to have a look at these Sims 4 bedroom ideas! These super chilled outfits include 36 items (tops, bottoms and accessories). The overall look is slightly messy but imperfectly pretty! whenever i need new cc i always come here <3, Your email address will not be published. Maxis Match CC World. Okay, my mods folder didnt know Seoulsou existed up until recently but now its flooded with their creations! copy link to post. For matching cc furniture to fill your sims ENTIRE house, check out the other parts of Blockhouse on the download page. FandomSpot is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any brands or trademarks on this site unless explicitly stated. Maxis Match ANTO ECHO Hair. (, Sims 4 Alpha CC Must-Haves: The Ultimate Collection, Sims 4 CC: Bachelorette Party Must-Haves (All Free), 20 Best Mods For My Summer Car (Our Top Must-Haves), Best SimCity 2013 Mods: The Ultimate Must-Try Collection, Pillars of Eternity 1 Best Mods: The Ultimate Must-Have Collection, Best Sims 4 Maxis Match Clothes CC: The Ultimate Collection, Sims 4 Maxis Match Couch CC: The Ultimate Collection. See more ideas about sims 4, sims, maxis match. For younger, baby-faced Sims (even if theyre in the Adult/Young Adult life stage), this custom skin blend by simandy is perfect. Heres your download link. Working from home has never been more common than it has been in the past couple of years. Heres a list of functional CC packs for the Sims 4 that you shouldnt miss out on! A true classic. If youre on the hunt for some outfits for your fairy Sims, youre going to find them here. "The Even Grander Piano" Grand Piano. Read More 33 Coolest Sims 4 Piercings To Give Your Sims an Edgy LookContinue, Read More 27+ Sims 4 CC Clothes Packs You Need in Your Game (Maxis Match & Free to Download)Continue, Read More 21+ Absolute Best Sims 4 Eyebrows You Need in Your CC FolderContinue, Read More 21+ Best Sims 4 CC Shoes to Add to Your CC Folder: Sneakers, Vans, Heels, Birkenstocks, & More!Continue, Read More 31+ Gorgeous Sims 4 Tattoos to Add to Your CC FolderContinue, Read More The Ultimate List of Sims 4 CC Creators (With Links! 3. . And its definitely our favorite! The download has 23 pieces of content with everything from cc tops and bottoms to jewelry to nail polish, and they have up to 28 swatches each. . If you want to quickly navigate to the section with furniture, click HERE. Male CC Folder Sims 4: MALE LOOKBOOK + CC List Male CC Haul MODS FOLDER FREE DOWNLOAD #sims #sims4 #malecc #simsmale #male #cc #ts4 #ts4cc #folder #ccfolder #cchaul #ccfinds #finds #shopping #malecc #clothes #shoes #female #mods #modsfolder #tray #house #home #family #luxury #malefolder #femalecc #lookbook #customcontent #trayfolder #toddler #kids #child #free #download #sims # . As for this set, its a collaboration between Bluerose-sims and Dreamgirl. If your sim is planning a resort vacation soon, they will need ALL of this amazing custom content clothing for the beach. Really accentuates the shape of all four lips in the best way. These glarmours dresses and outfits are just impressive. This custom content pack includes everything from tops, skirts, dresses, shoes, and more, that come in 25 default colors, plus some designs and patterns. It comes with three pieces that are all eye-catching and looks great with each other. Theres something eerie and extremely fun about being able to see through your furniture. I released a few other custom content pack lists in the past year (which you can find HERE and HERE). Im a sucker for shiny, plump lips, but the semi-pouty look can get pretty repetitive after a while. Not only can you furnish a hotel with it, but you could pretty much unleash your creativity and utilize it in the making of your other builds! As shown in the thumbnail above, you're to get a hanging chair, beds, dressers, suitcases, rugs, and a few more items in a bunch of swatches! This one is really fun because it has a great mid-century modern vibe that is extremely popular among many simmers. ), I love that these both come in 5 different versions gradually covering more and more as you go, so you can find the right underwear to fit your sims style. permalink. Everything in this kit is inspired by the Sims Youtuber, Deligracy. There are 4 shoes to choose from, and as usual they come in a good amount of swatches ranging between 20 and 28. Download this footwear collection from here. You know that time of year where one day its warm enough to be outside in a short dress and the next you need a jacket? And for me personally its a very aesthetic look, too! Theyre simple but eye-catching in the best way. 39. This April collection easily won itself a spot on this list of the best CC packs for the Sims 4 for 2022. Not only do you get awesome hairstyles that will make your sim stand out from the crowd, but also a custom necklace, turtleneck, top, and skirt. Both the bras and underwear bottoms come in 20 different swatches. We also have a dedicated post on black and white hair for your female sims. For a subtle, sunburnt look (that pairs really well with most skin tones) this Strawberry Blush by CreamLatteDream is great to have in your Mods folder. More on SnootySims: Hottest Sims 4 Nails CC & Mods! Its true what they say, then; eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Everything is maxis match cc (or blends well with the game) and all of it is free to download. Who doesnt love a good pair of high-waisted denim shorts? Feb 27, 2023 - Explore Asha Davis's board "Maxis match cc furniture", followed by 146 people on Pinterest. Grab this collection of denim bottoms from here. Living Room Sims 4 CC Pack by Peacemaker. If youre looking for inspiration for your farmhouse builds, this list has got you covered! It includes top and bottom clothing items in an array of swatches. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What better place to scrawl your thoughts and sentiments than a room filled with this cozy and inspiring office cc? I love modular furniture because it is so fun to watch things snap right into place exactly where theyre supposed to. Simandys makeup CC is usually great for creating innocent, wide-eyed looks, but Ive found that the Eui eyeliner and Eun eyeshadow in this set works great with almost every eye shape. As an avid gamer myself, Im pretty obsessed. Aside from the Altair freckles (which are really cute), I actually use several items from this pack on a regular basis. {RELATED POST: The Ultimate List of Sims 4 Y2K CC (Live Out Your Early 2000s Fashion Fantasies)}. The Sims 4 1. I dont know about you but, my mind is blown. Heres your download link. Aside from the Altair freckles (which are really cute), I actually use several items from this pack on a regular basis. Trillyke says, and we qoute, It is all about self-expression and personalized outfits, there is no proper definition to it. And we honestly completely agree! I would love to see a pic of you with your DeesQUADT merch! 4 September 2022 reblogged from. {RELATED POST: The Best Sims 4 CC: All The Custom Content You Need in Your CC Folder } 4. Snitch Hair by castle-head. Heres your download link. Greediness is a bottomless pit but come on.. this is the sims 4. All posts and download links have been updated. You get 25 different clutter items including a functional shoebox, shoppingbag, hanging clothes, hangers and more! The Padstow Sofa Set gives me total grandma vibes, but in a really good way. Some of my best outfits both in-game and in real life consist of nothing more than some really great basics. Theyre Laptop Mode friendly. The names have all stayed . Here are all the absolute BEST furniture cc packs from 2022 for creating beautiful builds in the sims 4 (except for the packs that were in THIS post!). . Oiii!Nesse vdeo eu resolvi disponibilizar para vocs minha pasta MODS, isso mesmo, minha pasta MODS completa, com itens do CAS, do modo construo, poses, . The amazing group of HFO, Joliebean, and Sentat have gathered to put together the Till Death Do Us Part collection! Diverse hair types in general is something we need more of. On Sims for lookbooks, on Sims for play-test videos, on Sim models for makeup it runs pretty rampant, lemme tell you. Heres How to Download Sims 4 Mods & Custom ContentContinue, Read More 29+ Absolute Best Sims 4 CC Hair I Cant Play Without (Maxis Match & Free to Download)Continue. Read on SnootySims: 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s CC for the Sims 4! Opa pessoal tudo bem?Espero que sim!Hoje trago pra download mais um pack de contedos personalizados aqui,agora na forma Maxis Match,essa pasta est muito completa,possui vrias coisas,conta com Cabelos,Roupas,Maquiagens,Tatuagens,Acessrios,e muito mais,tanto pra Sims mulheres quanto pra Sims homens,que tal iniciar o ano novo de 2023,com um pack novo pra repaginar os ccs do seu joguinho?Um Feliz Ano Novo pra vocs!e confiram o pack no vdeo do YouTube caso quiserem saber oque vem!Agora s baixar ele colocar na pasta mods e se divertir! It offers 2 eyeshadows and 2 eyeliners. Your backyard in the Sims 4 kind of always gets left behind because we dont particularly have that many buy objects for it in the base game, but thanks to this Pack, youre introduced to just a ton of new backyard ideas. Whether youre seeking male or female items, these alpha CC packs will work like magic. For a truly fresh-faced, no-makeup look, these Redefined Nat lips are great. The XOXO set by EnriqueS4 is breathtaking! <3 So many beautiful packs! A Special Variety of Child Maxis Match Hairs. With over 20 clothing items (including tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and more), your Sims will steal the spotlight! To easily access it whenever you want, I suggest pinning this list., Read More The Ultimate List of Sims 4 CC Creators (With Links! The shadows are lighter and the highlights are dimmer, making for a less obvious skin contrast.

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